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Psh. You Kids Are Crazy.

Like Whoa.

22 January
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I'm a true playa.

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Date Created:2004-08-2
Number of Posts: 316

Morgan is a teenager who lives in a lame town, and complains about it. Respect is the most important thing to her out of everything in the world. She loves freeze pops,chub, and kisses on the forehead.
Strengths: assertive, honesty, listening, argueing, chub
Weaknesses: making decisions, staying consistant, keeping stable, dark haired&light eyed boys, chub
Special Skills: argueing, making people laugh, giving advice
Weapons: words
Pet Peeves: anonymous commenters, lying, being blown off, meanness for no reason, too many compliments, when plans get complicated, people who think I get mad easily

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